Monday, September 7, 2009

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanks Michelle for Everything!!!

Hey!! Sorry I haven't posted a blog in a while. I have just been so busy!!! But, what this blog is about is my cousin, Michelle, and what she did to make a huge impression on my life. The other day, I was remembering that when me and my cousin, Jaycee were young, my cousin, Michelle, would come pick us up, and take us places and would hang out with us. We would go to the gas station, or to her mom's house, and hang out with her, or help her with cleaning or sewing or anything else she wanted help with. She taught us how to use a stick shift, and she would let us shift the car into different gears. She would say, "Shift to 1st. Shift to 2nd" and so on. She also taught us a song, and taught us hand actions to go along with it. (The song was called Tonight I'm Just Me (Lucky 4 you). I have it on my playlist if you want to hear!!) It was really cool. Michelle made a huge impact on my life, and I always thought that it was the coolest thing that my older cousin loved, and cared about me. I don't think Michelle will ever know how much I appreciated her caring. I can only hope that when I am able to drive, I can do the same thing. Michelle is married now, and has 2 beautiful children. Thank you so much Michelle!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Girls Camp

I went to girls camp last week and it was a blast!!! I had so much fun! There were bugs everywhere! In our cabins, it looked like an orphanage! Bunk beds lined both walls. It was interesting! We did have bathrooms and showers in our cabins, so that was nice. Even though no one showered. Not because they didn't work or anything, but because none of the other girls would let us!!! They got mad if you did. They called it the eleventh commandment. "Thou shalt not shower at girls camp." But, whatever. Some of the girls still showered. All of the girls stayed together in one cabin, but five of the sixth years stayed in the lodge because there wasn't enough room. We went on a mile hike to a waterfall on one of the days. It was beautiful, but, at the same time life threatening and tiring!!!! We had to hug the side of a Cliff in order to get down to the waterfall. They told us that if we fell, we would die. Fun right? It was still cool though!!! On the last night of girls camp, a few girls and I, went down to the lodge and watched enchanted. It was cool! Then, when we got back, a girl in my cabin wanted to call her friend and wish him a happy birthday at midnight. I fell asleep before then because I was way too tired! But I heard it was a great success. Girls camp was awesome!!!



When I went to EFY, I had some amazing classes!! I had one taught by Brother David Bowman, who was hilarious! And a couple of other amazing teachers. I also had a boy counselor and a girl counselor. Our company was made up of 8 boys, and two girls. The boy counselors name was Dan. The girl counselor was Paige. They were really great examples to me. The girls in my company tried to pull an all-nighter on the last night of EFY. (I don't know about the boys.) We tried to stay up all night, but it didn't work out so great. Most of the girls fell asleep at around 1:30 A.M. I fell asleep at 2:00 A.M., and the rest of the girls, (I found out the next day) fell asleep at 4:00 A.M. Some may ask, what did you do all night. The answer is, pretty much nothing!!! Some of us texted the boys in our group, one girl was talking to a boy in our group. But other than that, we just pretty much talked, and ate junk food!!! I swear I gained like 5 pounds that night!!! I fell asleep on the floor of the dorm. I sleep in the car on the way home, then took another hour nap when I got home. Then, EFY was over! It was sad to leave, but it was good to get home.

Smashing an I pod!?!?!?!?!?

Two weeks ago I went to EFY. It was a great experience! I had a lot of fun! There was a variety show, in which one of the girls in my dorm participated in. She smashed three i pods for her talent. She said that she wasn't proud of the music she put on it, so, she found a shovel in campus, (Amazing, right?) then she got two rocks. She had a boy volunteer, and a girl volunteer, and she killed the I pods!!!! It was cool, but at the same time, I would have just erased the songs. She brought the i pod she smashed over to us, and we saw and felt it. It was boiling hot! I could barely hold it!! I asked her later why she didn't just erase the songs. She said something along the lines of "sometimes you just have to destroy things in order to feel better about it." It was a weird but cool thing to see. As we were walking back to our dorms, she said, "A huge weight was lifted off of me." I really admire her for that.